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David J. Myers PO Box 4524 * Portland, Oregon 97208 (503) 294-1234


  • Unique ability to analyze chaotic, multidimensional data and harness relevant information to forge useful, actionable business intelligence.
  • Ability to produce and deliver clear, concise analysis and actionable reports.
  • Expertise with wide array of publishing, content management, collaborative and reporting technologies.
  • Highly skilled with collaborative knowledge management platforms like MediaWiki.
  • Wide-ranging, multi-disciplined background in analytical research, business intelligence, publishing, creative development, product marketing, project management.

Skills Summary

  • Project management, industry analysis, market research, business development, business intelligence, benchmarking, due diligence, pricing analysis, developing complex business proposals, contract negotiation and implementation.
  • Years of experience designing, installing, deploying and administering a wide variety of content management systems and wiki platforms, including installing, configuring, testing and debugging and writing documentation for numerous extensions and modules.
  • More than a decade of experience installing and administering collaborative knowledge management, multimedia publishing, web site development and content management systems. Experience developing web sites, web applications, SEO / SEM campaigns.

Technology Toolkit

Office Productivity Microsoft Office, LibreOffice,, Google Apps
Browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, SeaMonkey, Major Mobile Browsers
Operating Systems Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, Windows: XP, Vista, 7
Wiki Platforms MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Enterprise Wiki (SMW+), OntoWiki, DokuWiki
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, SQLite
Analytics AWStats, Webalizer, Piwik, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics
Web Authoring Dreamweaver, Nvu, Scintilla/SciTE, Notepad++
Web Markup / Scripting HTML, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS 1/2/3, Wikitext, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery
CSS Grids / Frameworks Blueprint, Typogridphy, inuit.css, 1Kb CSS Grid, BlueTrip, 960 Grid System, YUI CSS Grids
Syndication RSS, Atom, Yahoo! Pipes, Google Alerts, Google Reader, mySyndicaat
Content Management Drupal, concrete5, phpSQLiteCMS, editEase, Mambo, Joomla, b2evolution, WordPress MU
Document Management Alfresco, KnowledgeTree, Google Apps
Web Services Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI), Ajax
Desktop Publishing QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus
Project Management Freedcamp, ReqMan, Achievo, OpenProj, Redmine, dotProject, TaskJuggler, Open Workbench
Server Management Webmin, Ensim, Plesk, cPanel, phpMyAdmin, SSH, SFTP, FTP, WebFTP, WebDAV, AnyClient


Senior Analyst
Parcel Research
Portland, Oregon
June 2008 – Now
  • Key role in negotiating small parcel carrier agreements resulting in multi-million dollar cost reductions.
  • Significant cost reduction achievements include negotiated carrier agreements for
- a multi-channel retailer (catalog, e-commerce, bricks & mortar) worth $8.4 million in cost savings over three years, and
- a Fortune 100 multinational manufacturing corporation worth $21 million in cost savings over three years.
  • Deep understanding of global small parcel logistics networks.
  • Comprehensive analysis of transportation networks, lane productivity, carrier pricing and zone configurations.
  • Perform intensive data mining, deep analysis, cleaning and organizing highly dimensional data.
  • Produce actionable reporting through data visualization, querying and analysis.
  • Conduct competitive benchmarking, spend and performance analysis to assist strategic decision-making and uncover cost reduction opportunities.

Research Analyst
Parcel Research
Portland, Oregon
November 2006 – June 2008
  • Maintained public website, implemented SEO strategy, set up Google Docs collaborative workspaces for employees in remote offices.
  • Designed a tool to forecast UPS, FedEx and DHL fuel surcharges 30 days out with greater than 98% accuracy.
  • Conducted pricing and competitive analysis of major freight and parcel carriers. Assisted with major customer proposals and contract negotiations.
  • Developed sales and marketing literature. Produced technical reports and guides.

EvolvNet Consulting
Portland, Oregon
July 1996 – Ongoing*
  • Project consultant to small to mid-sized firms and non-profit organizations.
  • Projects include website development, MediaWiki portal development, intranet design and installation, document management systems design, print ad design, content management systems, business and marketing plans, business strategy, business development, contract negotiations.
  • Roles as project manager, research consultant, strategic planner, content development manager, SEO / SEM specialist, web site usability analyst.
  • Sectors include retail, e-commerce, broadcasting, construction, advertising, automotive, technology, transportation.

* EvolvNet is a project-oriented consultancy I activate when not employed full-time with another organization.

Business Service Network Manager
US Postal Service
Portland, Oregon
November 1996 – July 2000
  • Combined knowledge of USPS products, services, regulations and policies to create superior customer relationships with large businesses customers and government organizations.
  • Consistently exceed unit goals in sales and customer relationship management.
  • Proposed feature specifications for an on-line shipping system that were ultimately incorporated into the Postal Service’s Click-N-Ship® shipping and mailing solution.

Editor and Publisher
Paperback Jukebox
Portland, Oregon
March 1991 – August 1995
  • Created an award-winning business enterprise to launch high-profile music newspaper.
  • Recruited, trained and supervised a 30 person editorial, production, sales and circulation staff.
  • Sold display ad space to over 400 separate accounts, 70% of which were repeat customers.
  • Collaborated with local, regional and national organizations to launch special promotions.
  • Media awards included “Choice Voices” (Sunday Oregonian) and “Best of Portland” (Willamette Week).

Education, Training, Certificates, Interests & Associations

Education: University of Maryland (campuses in Stuttgart & Munich, Germany); Cabrillo College (Santa Cruz, California); PCC (Portland, Oregon).

Wiki and Semantic Web Specific Interests: WikiMaster (user one) for Wiki Wednesdays ( and Maintain active user accounts at Wikipedia,, Semantic MediaWiki, SMW+ Forum, SMW+ Demo, WikiNews, WikiMedia Commons, MediaWiki Widgets and others. Active participant in numerous semantic technologies, business intelligence, knowledge management and MediaWiki LinkedIn groups.

Interests & Associations: Collaborative Knowledge Management, Community Media, Web Applications, Open Source Software Entrepreneurs Forum, Portland Sustainable Business Network, PHP Users Group, Portland Drupal Users Group.

Studies: English, Economics, Journalism, Business, Creative & Technical Writing, Anthropology, Music, German History, German Literature, Graphic Design, Print Production.

Certificates & Training: Technical Writing Certificate (Portland Community College, 1991). Intensive training and focused workshops in sales management, database marketing, project management, electronic commerce and customer relations (US Postal Service, 1998–2000).

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