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Neustar .US Support Email Exchange - Friday, April 26, 2013

RE: Locality Domain Name Registration

from: Neustar .US Support <> via
to: David Myers
date: Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 7:57 AM
subject: RE: Locality Domain Name Registration [ ref:_00D30ZFj._50070TLsrz:ref ]

Greetings David,

Thank you for contacting Neustar's .US Support.

We appreciate your interest in .US.

Since you did not indicate the domain name you are interested in, you could check to see if it is already registered by going to: and typing in the desired domain name. I am also including information below to help you along.

At this time we have not been given permission to register Locality Based Domain Names in the third level, only fourth. The fourth level domain names must start with ci. for city, co. for county, twp. or town. for townships and vil. for villages. If you wish to register a domain name in the fourth level please follow the simple directions below.

There are no charges for .US Locality based domain names. However we need three separate documents from you or the locality you represent:

1) We need you to sign the .US Domain registration agreement Please go to this web page:

Please review, sign and include this agreement with the two documents below.

With all of the .US locality based domains now reflected in our WHOIS, we now require the following for contact/name server changes or new domain names: Keep in mind this is to protect your domain name from being taken by another party.

2) A city/organization letterhead cover letter

3) A completed Delegated Manager Update template ( ) signed by a notary public.

Once you have completed the above documents, please send them to the postal address below.

.US Locality Registry
Neustar Customer Service
1650 Lyndon Farm ct.
Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40223

Once we have reviewed and approved the requested documents, you will be issued a password to make future changes without having to send us the above paperwork again, unless it is for a different domain name.

Please note that you must have two (2) authoritative nameservers set up for the domain in order for us to complete the domain set up. You will need to work with a hosting company to do so. Neustar does not provide hosting.

Please feel free to contact us should you need further assistance.

Kind Regards,

Neustar .US Support
Phone: +1.571.434.5728

Locality Domain Name Registration

--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: David Myers
Sent: 4/26/2013 9:55 AM
Subject: Locality Domain Name Registration

Dear Neustar Support,

I am struggling to find information on registering locality .us domains. Is there a web interface for doing that?

So far I've spotted what appears to be a registration template:

I have also have reviewed terms and conditions pdf:

Can you point to a resource that explains precisely how to register locality .us domain names? Do I register them directly with Neustar? If so, how?

Kind regards,

Dave Myers