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MediaWiki in the Enterprise

Contains category pages for "Corporate-friendly solution."
MediaWiki is a simple, powerful and free solution to produce a wiki web site in an enterprise.
A list of companies using MediaWiki, typically in an Intranet environment.
Diese Kategorie enthält Unternehmen und Organisationen, die sich für den Einsatz von MediaWiki in Organisationen stark machen.
Enterprise wikis are meant to be used in a corporate (or organizational) context with a focus on enhancing internal knowledge sharing and a greater emphasis on features like access control, integration with other software, and document management.

Enterprise Wiki Platforms

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Wiki software#Enterprise_wikis

Corporate Wikis

Enterprise 2.0 is the use of "Web 2.0" technologies within an organization to enable or streamline business processes while enhancing collaboration - connecting people through the use of social-media tools. Enterprise 2.0 aims to help employees, customers and suppliers collaborate, share, and organize information.
Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment (MIKE2.0) is an open source delivery framework for Enterprise Information Management.
Knowledge Plaza, also referred to as KP, is an Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management tool which provides a balance between social bookmarking, document management, wikis and an internal social network. It was initially designed as an information management tool for knowledge workers and is often used for collaborative research projects, market intelligence, information brokerage, etc.

Private Wikis (Wikis with restricted access.)

This article explains lots of useful tips 'n' tricks for creating and maintaining a private wiki environment using MediaWiki. The difficulty with using MediaWiki for private wikis is the software is designed to be open and publicly available. But the fact that it's also a very robust software package means that it's potentially worth the effort figure out how to use it for wikis that must restrict access.
Contains examples useful for restricting access.
  1. Restrict viewing
  2. Restrict editing
  3. Restrict account creation

MediaWiki as a Contact Management System

This article describes how to use Semantic MediaWiki to set up a simple contact management system.
Preloading wikitext presents the user with a partially created page rather than a blank page, possibly with inline instructions for content organization.
This page contains examples useful for restricting access.

MediaWiki as an Intranet

The Universal Naming Convention, or UNC, specifies a common syntax to describe the location of a network resource, such as a shared file, directory, or printer.
Intranet file sharing extensions.
Had trouble getting this extension to work. See Davydog's comment here.

Extension Sets

Martin Schwindl's Ms Series
The MsCalendar extension provides an easy-to-use month view calendar. Entries are formatted as one-liners and can span multiple days.
Add a page to categories by selecting in a dropdown on the edit page.
Creates a filelink with a suitable extension-icon.
The MsUpload extension allows a user to upload multiple files including by dragging & dropping files.


The Piwik Integration extension inserts your Piwik tracking code to the bottom of every page. It excludes the views of the users with 'bot' privileges (bots) and the 'protect' privileges (sysops). It also adds a Special Page to some of the statistics.

Reading List

Forrester Research reveals an Enterprise Web 2.0 growth chart.
Abstract: Social software has proven valuable in enterprises for collaborative knowledge management. In order to introduce a wiki in the enterprise, we propose a solution that combines Web 2.0 and SemanticWeb technologies. We describe how this solution resolves the technical challenges, beyond that, opens up new opportunities, and, also, how it can be realized in a concrete enterprise scenario.
Organizations once satisfied with simple intranets now seek out technologies that foster cooperation among employees and enahle teams to work together, regardless of how far the members are separated by time and distance. One such technology is wikis.
Teams often include offsite workers, business partners, clients, even suppliers. How can you communicate with them effectively and bring them all together in one spot? By using Internet technologies that foster collaboration.

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